Free 10 minute telephone triage

Initial assessment 1 hour - Full diagnosis

Follow-up treatment - 45 mins or 30 minute sessions available


Dry needling/ Acupuncture only available within Physiotherapy treatment (if appropriate) 


Examples of conditions treated:

  • Back/ neck pain including whiplash

  • Neurological pain such as Sciatica

  • Joint/ muscle/ ligament/ connective tissue injury

  • Post surgical rehab such as fracture or joint replacement 

  • Sports injuries

  • Pregnancy related pain

  • Chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Occupation related injury

  • Acute injury such as sprains/ strains

  • Adolescent and growth related injuries 

  • Vestibular/ balance training post injury or illness

Sports Massage - 30 mins 

Private Pilates - one to one OR group class on request only

Pre natal/ post natal rehab (Pilates & Physio) - available on request

Full Body MOT - 1hour 30 mins - £120 for a package - call to discuss